Welcome to the 2021 VAPS INTERCLUB Upload system

Submitted by pkewley on Sun, 09/06/2019 - 14:20

Log in and then select Competitions and then Entries from the header above.

Then log in with your club Username and Password, if you do not know this please apply for a new password/account.

This is a club event, members must submit entries to their club.  

2021 will be Digital and Audio Visual only.     Continue to read the instructions below and in the upload screen

If you have lost your password use the link on the front page to request a new one, only reregister your club if you have to.

NOTE, By entering the VAPS Interclub Competition the submitting Club gives VAPS the absolute right to copy and publish images in the Interclub Catalogue and on the VAPS website.

Cut off for entries is 21st MARCH 2021, 

Late entries cannot be accepted, except for country clubs and by arrangement with VAPS.

Clubs can select 15 DIGITAL, and 2 Open AV and 2, 3.21 AV

Digital image files, with makers names and image titles, must be uploaded to this system

Prints, as advised to clubs on 20th January 2021, there will no print section this year, due to the ongoing risks associated with Covid-19.

AV Titles, Maker's name and a DIGITAL copy of the primary image can also be entered to the system

Audio Visual entries should be MP4 files only, 

Please see VAPS Newsbrief for all instructions and instructions for the correct mounting of prints.

If using foam core backing 3mm is the maximum allowed plus matt equals a maximum of 5mm thickness.

Any print that does not have a backing board or has come apart will not be judged.

All Interclub Rules are on the vaps.org.au website under "Competitions"

Maximum 1920 x 1080 jpg image, at 300 dpi, 5mb maximum image size.

Please read the instructions when you select "ENTRIES" above